Moist bamboo brakes (2/E3)
The presence of bamboo (Bambusa bamboos) formations is one of the dominant features of vegetation in the area. They are more or less spread in patches. They prefer stream and river courses.
Swamps ( vayals )
This ecosystem, though less in extent, forms an important constituent in the landscape on account of its biological diversity and animal utilization. Some of the grass genera common to this ecosystem are Axonopus spp , Paspalum spp, Eragrostis spp. The common sedges found are Lipocarpa argentea, Fuirena umbellata, Fimbristylis tetragona, F. accuminata, F. junciformis, F. dephylla, Cyprus cuspidatus, C. difformis, C. tegetum and Rynchospora corymbosa . Presence of coarse and unpalatable sedges , invasion of Lantana , Eupatorium etc in fringes are posing severe management problems.
Besides, plantations of the following species are also present in the sanctuary.
a) Teak                 - 7544 ha
b) Eucalyptus       - 425 ha
c) Pepper             - 209 ha (Now abandoned)