Eco Tourism in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
Tourism in Wayanad District
Wayanad is known as one of the most beautiful retreats of Kerala. It always had a great share of the visitors arriving South India. Wayanad with its natural scenic beauty, rich natural resources, the hills, rocks and valley, unique terrain, climate etc provide a lot for catering to the demands of increasing tourists. Wayanad provides scope for ecotourism tourism (wildlife tourism), Recreational tourism, Adventure tourism, Heritage tourism, Historic tourism, Pilgrim tourism, Monsoon tourism etc.

Muthanga and Tholpetty forests in the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary are the foremost and targeted tourism destinations in Wayanad District. Recreational tourism centres like Kuruva island (Kuruva Dweep), Banasura sagar Dam, Karapuzha Dam, Pookot Lake, Karalad Lake, Neelimala View Point, Sunrise Valley, Sentinal Rock Waterfalls, Kanthan Para Waterfalls, Pazhassi Park, Pazhassi Tourist Resort, Lakkidi Ghat Pass etc attracts a lot of tourists. Chembra peak, Pakshipathalam, Meenmutty Waterfalls etc are known for adventure tourism. Heritage trails include Wayanad Heritage Museum, Muniyara, Chain Tree, Pazhassi Raja’s Tomb, Uravu etc. Historic tourism sites include Edakkal Caves, Pazhassi Memorial, Jain Temples at Panamaram, Sulthan Bathery Jain Temple, etc. A lot of Pilgrims visit Thirunelly Temple, Papanasini at Thirunelli, Thrissilery Shiva Temple, Seetha-Lava-Kusha Temple, Valliyoorkav Temple, Puliyar Mala Jain Temple, Pallikunnu Church, Varambetta Mosque etc.

Ecotourism in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Muthanga and Tholpetty are the two ecotourism centers in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. Visits to these ecotourism centers provide unforgettable wilderness experience, frequent sightings of free ranging wildlife like herds of elephants, guars, deers, monkeys, tigers, leopards, bears, many species of reptiles, fishes, butterflies, birds including vultures etc, valuable nature education information from interpretation centres etc Medicinal plants’ garden, Birth Star Plants’ (Zodiac Plants) Garden, Muthanga Elephant Camp with 3 tuskers and one female calf, traditional tribal folk lore etc are other attractions in Muthanga.

Ecotourism in Muthanga and Tholpetty is much helpful in creating deep conservation awareness in the minds of visitors. It is much educative and recreational too. It is a main source of livelihood income for local tribes including tourist guides. Ecotourism in these two centers are managed by Muthanga and Tholpetty Eco-Development Committees (EDCs) under supervision of Kerala forest department.

Elephant Camp Visit Muthanga
Jeep Safari Muthanga & Tholpetty
Interpretation centre visit Muthanga & Tholpetty
Ceramby (2 double rooms) Muthanga & Tholpetty
Dormitory (40 beds) Muthanga & Tholpetty
Eco-huts (6 Nos) Muthanga
Forest Rest House (2 double rooms) Chethalayam
Forest Rest House (Gaja) (2 double rooms) Sulthan Bathery
Adavi (8 double rooms) Chethalayam
Jeep Safari Entry Time Daily - 7.00 to 10.00 am & 3.00 to 5.00 pm
Duration of visit 1.30 hours (maximum)
Best Season August to February
Closure period February 11 to April 10
(As on 15.06.2017)
Tholpetty & Muthanga Eco Centres
Revenue (₹) SDF (₹) Total (₹)
Indians Adults
Children - below 12 years and bonafide students on tour
Foreigners Per person 150.00 150.00 300.00
Vehicle Light Vehicle 75.00 - 75.00
Camera Video/Movie (non professional )
Still Camera
- 225.00
Approved jeep rent ₹ 600/trip
  • Visitors are allowed only during the visiting hours
  • Duration of visiting is maximum 1.30hours
  • Permission for jeep safari is restricted in registered vehicles only. Visitors shall not come out of the vehicle during jeep safari.
  • Maximum number of visitors per vehicle is as per its permitted seating capacity
  • Visiting must be only with a tourist guide / forest personnel
  • The ecotourism centers are ‘plastic free zones’
  • Plastic materials are not allowed during the visit
  • Visitors must follow the rules and regulations
international year of biodiversity 2010
For further information:
Asst: Wildlife Warden,
Muthanga Forest Range Office, Muthanga (P.O),
Sulthan Bathery (Via), Wayanad District, Kerala
Ph: +91 4936 271015

Asst: Wildlife Warden
Tholpetty Forest Range Office, Begur, Kattikulam (P.O),
Mananthavady (Via), Wayanad District, Kerala
Ph: +91 4935 250853

Wildlife Warden
Wayanad Wildlife Division, Sulthan Bathery (P.O), Wayanad Dist. Kerala
Ph: +91 4936 220454

Places How they Differ Distance from Kalpetta Nearest Town
Wildlife Sanctuary - Muthanga Wild Animals, Habitat 42 kms Sulthan Bathery
Wildlife Sanctuary - Tholpetty Wild Animals, Habitat 59 kms Kartikulam
Chembra Peak Highest Peak in Wayanad 17 kms Meppadi
Neelimala View Point Site Seeing 27 kms Vaduvanchal
Meenmutty Falls Trekking 29 kms. Vaduvanchal
Pakshipathalam Rare speceis of birds 71 kms. Mananthavady
Banasura Sagar Dam Largest Earth Dam 24 kms. Padijnarathara
Jain Temple Mournment 24 kms. Sulthan Bathery
Edakkal Caves Heritage 28 kms. Ambalavayal
Wayanad Heritage Museum Heritage 25 kms. Ambalavayal
Muniyara Heritage 27 kms. Ambalavayal
Uravu Heritage 12 kms. Muttil
Chain Tree Heritage 16 kms. Lakkidi
Pallikkunnu Church Pilgrim 19 kms. Kabalakkad
Korome Mosque Pilgrim 47 kms. Padijnarathara
Paingatteri Agraharam Cultural 28 kms. Mananthavady
Pazhassi Raja's Tomb Historic Mournment 35 kms. Mananthavady
Valliyoorkav Bhagavathi Temple Worship 24 kms Mananthavady
Seetha Lava-Kusha Temple Worship 50 kms. Pulpally
Thrissilery Shiva Temple Worship 50 kms Kartikulam
Thirunelli Temple Worship 64 kms. Mananthavady
Papanasini, Thirunelli Worship 64 kms. Kartikulam
Kalpetta Sulthan Bathery Mananthavady
Bansura Sagar Dam 24 49 34
Banasura hill 26 51 36
Cheambra Peak 17 42 52
Chain Tree 16 41 51
Edakkal Cave 28 12 45
Ganapathi Temple 25 0 45
Jain Temple 24 1 44
Kadamanchira 28 3 48
Kalliyanth Mosque 47 52 23
Karalad Lake 16 41 25
Karapuzha Dam 17 18 45
Muthanga 41 16 58
Neelimala View Point 27 26 62
Paingattiri Agraharam 28 33 7
Pakshi Pathalam 71 78 36
Palchuram 52 68 18
Pallikunnu Church 19 38 23
Pazhassi Tomb 35 45 1
Phantom Rock 26 12 43
Pookot Lake 15 40 50
Pulpally 50 25 41
Soochippara 23 43 58
Sunrise Valley 22 22 57
Tirunelly Temple 64 71 28
Tholpetty 59 66 24
Heritage Museam 25 10 42
Kuruva Island 40 58 17
Ghat Road View Point 17 42 52
Kadachikkunnu 26 29 61
Kanthanpara 22 23 57
Meenmutty 29 28 64
RARS 25 10 42