The Vegetation
As per the revised classification of forest types of India by Chandra Sekharan (1962) and Champion and Seth (1968), the natural vegetation of the Sanctuary is classified into West coast tropical semi-evergreen forests, South Indian moist mixed deciduous forests, Southern dry mixed deciduous forests and Bamboo brakes. Large extent of marshy grass lands (Swamps) locally known as Vayals is also seen in the sanctuary. The sanctuary has 10,386.71 ha of plantations, comprising of teak, eucalyptus, soft wood species etc. No silvicultural operations, including extraction of timber, are carried out for the plantations in the sanctuary for past many years. They are allowed for conversion in to natural forests. Major forest types are:
Forest Type Description
2A/C2 West coast tropical semi-evergreen forests
3B/C2 Southern moist mixed deciduous forest
5A/C3 Southern dry mixed deciduous forests
2B/E3 Moist bamboo brakes
Wayanad Sanctuary - Vegetation Map